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1_30_ 37 Îngeri, 2007, 2023.jpeg

Angels, 2007, 2023.
Dimensions: 30x37 cm.

3_Hrismon 30_ 30 cm, 2023_edited.jpg


Dimensions: 30x30 cm.

5_Maica Domnului Orantă , 21_ 29, 2023.jpeg

Maica Domnului Oranta,

Dimensions: 21x29 cm.

7_Ingeri, 23_ 30 cm, 2007, 2023_edited.jpg

Angels, 2007, 2023.
Dimensions: 23x30cm.

2_Hrismon 25_ 35, 2023_edited.jpg

Chrismon, 2023.
Dimensions: 25x35 cm.

4_Taina cununiei, 2023, 25_ 35.jpeg

Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, 2023.
Dimensions: 25x35cm.

6_Schimbarea la față, 22_ 39 cm,2006_edited.jpg

Transfiguration of Jesus,
Dimensions: 22x39 cm.

8_Fiul rusipitor, 34_ 40 cm, 2020.jpeg

The Prodigal Son, 2020.
Dimensions: 34x40 cm.

Some notes on graphics


The graphics pieces displayed in the section above are originals, created using watercolor on watercolor paper (with golden leaf); these pieces are unique/one of a kind.

The piece comes framed with a passe-partout. Additionally, every piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and with a classic dark-red cloth.

As a few examples, on the left and below, we display how an original might look when shipped to you.

For additional details, we showcase some details of what the piece, passepartout, and frame look like.


Examples Graphics


References & Reviews

"Thank you for the wonderful work!!! It arrived in perfect condition! It's special, thank you from the bottom of my heart!" (Ms. Mihaela)

"The painting arrived today, to my (most positive) surprise! Thank you a lot for your timely efforts, and, more importantly, for this wonderful piece of art! Everything went well - there is no damage or anything like that. Thank you also for your kind words. I really appreciate the time and heart you put into everything." (Mr. Rene)

"I received the two pieces yesterday and they are great!" (Mr. Michael)

"I am very happy to say that the image has arrived safely. It is very beautiful, and I am grateful that it will be in my home. Thank you again for your work. This painting will nourish my wife and I for many years and be a blessing to those who enter our house." (Mr. Graham)

"I wanted to let you know that the package arrived today in perfect condition. The piece is so very beautiful and will have a special place in our home." (Ms. Elisa)

I have received the piece yesterday. It is even more extraordinarily beautiful 'in person'. Thanks a lot for the exceptionally beautiful packaging." (Ms. Levana)

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